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  • Team AEDC ... Always reaching out to others

    Nothing makes a commander prouder than to see his team go "above and beyond," and while this is a long-time AEDC trademark, I'd like to showcase just how much your efforts mean to our center and our community. During the recent floods in Nashville, I offered our military and DoD civilians the chance to assist in the recovery efforts. I declared the
  • Commander lays out expectations for the mission

    Wow!! What a fantastic first two weeks. As many of you know, Rebecca, along with Michael and Reanna, arrived about a week before I did, and her first words were "You won't believe this place!" She's absolutely right. I couldn't be more impressed by the professionalism, the commitment and most of all, the passion Team Arnold has for our mission.
  • Reflections on freedom

    July 4, 2010, puts year number 234 "in the books" for this great nation, and for those who are keeping track, we also quietly celebrated AEDC's 59th "birthday." These anniversaries offer us a chance to look back and reflect, for just a moment, what a monumental event the beginnings of these two entities represent. We'll never know for sure, but
  • T&E days is a chance to showcase our efforts

    One of the highlights of the year for the Air Force test community is upon us. Test and Evaluation Days (T&E Days as it is usually called) is a week away. This premier event is our once-a-year opportunity to meet and network with the full spectrum of USAF T&E. We have a unique challenge this year ... as the "hosts" all eyes are on us, and I'm
  • 2010: This is the year for a call to arms

    For centuries, battles have begun with a "call to arms," the beating of drums, or sounding of bugles. Even in modern warfare, we initiate our efforts with some kind of undeniable "start." It's in our constitution ("the Congress shall have power to declare war"). The declaration matters to us. Maybe it's wrapped up in the human psyche, but we
  • A message for AEDC's 60th anniversary

    As I thought about an appropriate topic for this special "birthday edition" of High Mach, I was drawn to a sign I have in my home. The message fits today's events perfectly. A new year, a fresh crop of New Year's resolutions (some already broken!) and the cold, harsh reality that I'm one step closer to the "half century" mark. Today, the immortal
  • There's no such thing as a typical day at the office

    On countless occasions, I've been asked "What's the best thing about being the Commander at AEDC?" I don't have to think for a second...the answer is easy... "It's the people." Now, usually I'm thinking about the amazing work we do here, how we always find a way to get the job done, or how we've innovated our way out of a tough problem. But on this
  • Team AEDC rocks as local host for T&E Days

    What a week! The team absolutely hit the ball out of the park as we hosted the annual AIAA "T&E Days" in Nashville. This is the premier event for the test community, industry and our AIAA partners and serves as the springboard for a year of renewed energy across our enterprise. As the local hosts for this year's event, AEDC had a chance to shine,
  • A Christmas I'll Never Forget...

    In just a few days, many of us will celebrate Christmas. As a nation, we have made this synonymous with the whole month of December, and declared this time of year "the Christmas season" or for some just simply "the holidays." But when your country is at war, for many it's a little harder to celebrate, as so many of our deployed members are about
  • The holiday season … will your light shine brightly?

    With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and a host of other celebrations underway, it's become a tradition to decorate our homes, offices and public places. Nearly every holiday theme includes colorful lights. Drive down main street, and you'll see countless displays in shop windows, hanging on the street posts and adorning homes everywhere in the