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  • Cop Corner: K-9 training and National Police Week

    Operation Scooby DooMany of you this week may have noticed a large amount of police vehicles and K-9 teams on Arnold Air Force Base on Wednesday, May 1. This was an operation put on by Arnold AFB Police and supported by many of the area law enforcement agencies. The support provided by our civilian

  • National Safety Council designates May as National Electric Safety Month

    The National Safety Council partners with the Electric Safety Foundation, or ESFI, each May to present electric hazard awareness topics.The ESFI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace. Their goal is to reduce the number of electric-related

  • Innovation Summit to be held at Arnold AFB

    A pair of upcoming events are designed to provide those with entrepreneurial interests a plethora of information related to small businesses.These events, being collectively referred to as the 2TN Business & Workforce Innovation Summit, will take place on May 8 and May 10 at the Gossick Leadership

  • May 3 marks 70 years since first jet engine test at AEDC

    The payoff to nearly a decade of groundwork and work on the ground was realized 70 years ago with the push of a switch.On May 3, 1954, the first turbojet engine test was initiated in the T-1 Test Cell of the new Engine Test Facility at Arnold Air Force Base.Not only did this event mark the engine

  • Read all about it! AEDC newspaper reaches 70th year in circulation

    A photo of test cells in the new Engine Test Facility at Arnold Air Force Base spanned the entire width of the page.Just below the picture was an accompanying article announcing that, after a decade of planning that included three years of brick-and-mortar construction, test work would begin in the

  • It happens on Wattendorf Highway

    You are stopped in traffic waiting for things to start moving in front of you. You see movement in your rearview mirror. Looking up, you watch a car run into the back of your car, totaling both vehicles.You are driving the speed limit. The truck behind you is following so closely that you cannot see