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  • Townsend helps host STEM night in Korea during deployment

    Before the career day held for students of military families stationed at Osan Air Base, South Korea, Darrell Townsend had never volunteered to be part of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM event before.In addition to his regular full-time job as a craft superintendent for AEDC’s Model Shop at Arnold Air Force Base, Townsend
  • Chief Master Sgt. Heckman begins his new role as AEDC Superintendent

    It has been more than a decade since AEDC has had a Chief in the Superintendent role, with the last being 2006.However, as of June, Chief Master Sgt. Robert Heckman has taken on this important role, and AEDC Commander Col. Scott Cain stated that this is a major event for AEDC. "Chief Heckman's arrival marks a significant milestone in AEDC's
  • Engineers at Arnold AFB develop projectile telemetry capability to study boundary layer transition

    Engineers with the Space and Missiles Combined Test Force at Arnold Air Force Base are developing a telemetry capability that will be used to gather, transmit and record data when launching projectiles at over 25,000 Gs and more than 13,000 miles per hour.Elvis Encalada, electrical engineer at Arnold, commented that the use of telemetry arose from
  • AEDC Woman’s Club wraps up year with special guest

    The May 3 meeting of the AEDC Woman’s Club (AEDCWC) at the Arnold Lakeside Center concluded the club’s 2017-2018 season of meetings.It was a great ending to a spectacular year with great programs, new members and lots of friends.Billy Ferguson, owner of Short Mountain Distillery in Woodbury, spoke to the ladies about the history of making liquor in
  • Col. Briggs reflects on leading the Test System Sustainment Division

    Col. Raymond Briggs, chief of the Test System Sustainment (TSS) Division at Arnold Air Force Base, is retiring from the Air Force in May and will be leaving his position with AEDC.Briggs came on board at Arnold as chief of TSS in July 2016, and in reflecting on his time here, said the job has been a fulfilling one.“In this role I have led
  • Additive Manufacturing capability could generate future efficiencies and cost-savings for AEDC

    Additive manufacturing (AM), a process commonly known as three-dimensional (3-D) printing, describes technologies that build 3-D objects by adding layers. Team members in the Technology Innovation Branch at Arnold Air Force Base are looking at AM as a way to create efficiencies and cost-savings for AEDC. AM typically uses a computer, 3-D modeling
  • Arc improvements help test teams meet growing workload

    Changes are being implemented at the AEDC High Temperature Laboratory (HTL) at Arnold Air Force Base to assist the test teams in meeting their continuously increasing workload. The HTL houses the arc heater units – H1, H2 and H3 – that provide aerothermal simulation environments for high-speed vehicle materials and structures. According to Jonathan
  • Lamb receives national award for conservation management at Arnold Air Force Base

    John Lamb, biologist at Arnold Air Force Base, received the 2018 National Military Fish and Wildlife Association (NMFWA) National Resources Conservation Management Award for Model Programs and Projects in support of natural resources on Department of Defense lands.This award category recognizes resource managers who further natural resource
  • AEDC Spotlight: Eddie Mickle plays integral role in strategic scheduling for facility outages and maintenance

    Eddie Mickle, AEDC work planner at Arnold Air Force Base, proactively fills a critical need for the Aeropropulsion Combined Test Force by supporting the scheduling for outages and maintenance. For example, Mickle created a detailed, integrated schedule encompassing every project being worked during the 2017 summer outage.“Eddie [Mickle]
  • Combined effort achieves timely replacement of crane at AEDC Propulsion Wind Tunnel

    In a unified effort, AEDC Propulsion Wind Tunnel management, AEDC Test Operation and Sustainment contractor National Aerospace Solutions, the Arnold Air Force Base Contracting Office and the Arnold Civil Engineering Branch's Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) contractor, SDVE, LLC, executed a very timely replacement of a