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  • Groups and programs in place to ensure safety across Arnold

    Late last year, AEDC Commander Col. Scott Cain set a lofty yet critical goal for the upcoming 12 months. “Our ultimate goal in 2018 is zero Class A/B mishaps,” Cain wrote in his Commander’s 2018 Safety Guidance memorandum disseminated on Dec. 15, 2017. “Mishaps, at whatever level, reduce our capacity to conduct the mission, a mission which is
  • Flight Systems CTF refocuses on safety and security during operations stand down

    Following what he described as a series of “significant events,” Flight Systems Combined Test Force Director Lt. Col. David Hoffman made the decision to stand down Flight Systems CTF operations. In lieu of normal testing and maintenance operations on Feb. 5, Hoffman led several sessions at the Arnold Air Force Base Main Auditorium during which he
  • AEDC Spotlight: AEDC Turbines CTF Lead Operations Engineer recognized for exemplary support during complex engine test

    A Lead Operations Engineer of one of the AEDC jet engine test cells at Arnold Air Force Base is applauded for his support during the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Adaptive Engine Technology Development (AETD) core program.According to Scott Grigsby, an Aeropropulsion test cell supervisor at Arnold Air Force Base, Ryan Allen’s “thoroughness
  • AEDC skilled craft workers providing essential support to engine test facilities at Arnold

    AEDC craft personnel perform maintenance on the C-Plant Turbine Chiller 3 (TC3) at the Aeropropulsion Systems Test Facility for test support of the C-2 engine test cell at Arnold Air Force Base. Chiller units like TC3 enable altitude testing in the C1 and C2 engine test cells. In addition to the crane and ironworker support from the AEDC Model and
  • Drivers must follow Air Force requirements when operating a vehicle on Arnold Air Force Base

    Drivers are required to follow Air Force guidelines when operating a motor vehicle on Arnold Air Force Base. Air Force Instruction 91-207 “implements Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 91-2, Safety Programs, and the guidance portion of Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 6055.04, DoD Traffic Safety Program. The Traffic Safety Program’s goal is
  • AEDC contractor offers small business training forum

    The AEDC Test, Operations and Sustainment contractor, National Aerospace Solutions, LLC, will host a small business training forum March 22 at the University of Tennessee Space Institute Auditorium in Tullahoma, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.“This small business event will provide in depth training on how to properly respond to a request for quote or request for
  • Arnold STEM Center passes ‘fun in learning’ to Hands-On Science Center

    As the Arnold Air Force Base Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Center closes, the Hands-On Science Center of Tullahoma picks up the baton. Through an Air Force partnership, learning tools and support will transfer to the HOSC, continuing STEM support to regional youth.“For years the Arnold AFB STEM Program has been checking out our
  • Arnold Engineers Week participants prepare for the future

    Volunteer engineers organized events in recognition of National Engineers Week, Feb. 18-24, to help students prepare for future careers in engineering. During the Arnold Air Force Base Engineers Week Student Design Competition Feb. 20 at the Hands-On Science Center, Tullahoma, Alina Parks and Leanne Turpin from Franklin County High School, maneuver
  • First command-wide exercise of 2018 ends, identifies key lessons

    Highlights of the week-long exercise that concluded throughout Air Force Materiel Command Feb. 2, 2018.
  • Former NASA administrator Bolden speaks at Arnold AFB Black History Observance

    Citing the appropriateness of the setting, Charles Bolden Jr. gave those in attendance for his speech at the University of Tennessee Space Institute a little homework assignment.“Your homework is to do all you can with what you have with the time that you have in the place that you are,” Bolden said. Bolden, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Major