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  • AFMC unleashes $4.6 million in FY18 Squadron Innovation Funds

    When Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein asked leaders to “unleash the brilliance in our Airmen,” Air Force Materiel Command answered the call, executing more than $4.6 million in Squadron Innovation Funds in fiscal year 2018.
  • HVAC crew keeps things cool while taking heat

    Duane Meadows admits he and members of his crew don’t always receive a warm welcome when they show up around Arnold Air Force Base.“We’re probably the most hated craft, but we’re the most loved at the same time depending on what we’ve got to do,” he said.But Meadows is understanding when met with a cold reception. As the lead HVAC technician at
  • Military appreciation picnic hosts serve up food and fun to past, present and future service members

    Tullahoma resident Wilford “J.J.” Johnson wasn’t sure what to expect as he made his way to Arnold Lakeside Center last month to attend a gathering of retired military, veterans and active-duty service members.“Normally, when you have things like this, you have just a few people,” he said.But Johnson, who served in the U.S. Air Force from 1965-93
  • Capability extension expected to have major impact in hypersonic testing

    With the surging demand for hypersonic development, many of the tools used in the transonic and supersonic regimes to provide analysis and measurements must be extended to meet the new capability.One such tool under development is Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program CREATE™-AV Kestrel, an easy-to-use software used
  • Industrial hygienists, union stewards and craft work together to meet stricter safety standards

    In an effort to meet more stringent safety standards now in place for welders and pipefitters, the Safety, Health and Environmental personnel at Arnold Air Force Base are working with union stewards of the Air Engineering Metal Trades Council and other craft team members to make adjustments and implement new equipment. According to Bing Bragg, an
  • 33rd Annual Arnold AFB Turkey Trot set for Nov. 16

    Last year, a pre-Thanksgiving tradition returned to Arnold Air Force Base. Now, it’s time for a second helping. The 33rd annual AEDC Turkey Trot is set for Nov. 16 beginning at 2:30 p.m. in front of the Administration & Engineering Building. Check-in for the race will begin at 2 p.m. The 5K, or approximately 3.1-mile run, will take participants
  • AEDC Woman’s Club hosts Nov.1 meeting

    During the Nov. 1 meeting of the AEDC Woman’s Club, the ladies of the AEDCWC will meet Kate Cataldo, Director of Community Relations and Fundraising at the Blue Monarch.She will speak about the Blue Monarch Mission, who they serve and how they help women break cycles of abuse, poverty and addiction.Deanna Barnes, a graduate of the Blue Monarch Work
  • AEDC test and plant electricians have unique jobs

    Many of the AEDC test cells at Arnold Air Force Base have capabilities not found at any other test facilities in the nation.Therefore, it only makes sense that the skills of those who maintain the facilities and prepare the cells for testing are also unique.This is especially true of the work that electricians perform day in and day out to make
  • Students have electric experience at Hands-On Science Center Fall STEM Camp

    As part of the Fall Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Camp at the Hands-On Science Center in Tullahoma Oct. 8-12, engineers with the AEDC Civil Engineer Branch at Arnold Air Force Base gave a presentation on the importance of conserving energy. “Electrifying Electricity and Energy” was the topic for Oct. 10, and Kazi Mamun, Arnold
  • Protecting the power, through resilient thought and action

    Imagine the power of our nation’s air fleet that dominates the sky from one corner of the world to the other, defying gravity, breaking the sound barrier, ignoring the weather and often even escaping the radar.Where does this airpower begin and end? It all starts with the ideation process where one great idea lights the bulb. Later, the winning