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  • Arnold AFB first responders bring speed, skill to emergencies

    The Arnold Air Force Base Fire and Emergency Services (FES) team is ready to respond, whether that be to an emergency medical call, a vehicle wreck, a structure fire or a special rescue.On the firefighting side, the team operates a “full-spectrum” fire department.“We do all types of rescue, with special emphasis on high-angle rescue, confined space
  • Good Samaritan act earns Arnold pipefitter praise

    Casey Culver was in the right place at the right time.When Culver, the lead in the Base Civil Engineering Pipe Shop at Arnold Air Force Base, encountered someone - who just so happens to be a fellow member of Team AEDC - in need of help, he didn’t hesitate to stop and lend a hand.On April 12, Culver was recognized for his actions. Ronnie Skipworth,
  • Portable data station increasing test throughput, providing benefits for all AEDC testing

    Members of AEDC Test Support Systems Division at Arnold Air Force Base designed and built U7, a portable data acquisition system that allows instrumentation, data and controls (ID&C) engineers to set up and prepare instrumentation between and during normal test operations. U7 consists of a portable rack of servers along with instrumentation hookups
  • Air Force Assistance Fund 2019 campaign is happening now

    The 2019 Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) annual fundraising campaign officially kicked off March 26 and will run through April 26. The funds are used to assist active duty, retirees, reservists, guard and their dependents, including surviving spouses. Military members, including active duty, retired, Air National Guard or Reserves may make
  • New group providing new hires with networking, development opportunities

    New hires may often be unsure of who to turn to for help on a project, have questions about the structure of the organization they work for, or want more information on what they can do to help their company prosper. A group was recently formed to provide new hires with the Test Operations and Sustainment contractor at Arnold Air Force Base,
  • Innovative approach by Arnold craftsman makes task faster, less strenuous

    It doesn’t slice. It doesn’t dice. It doesn’t have the stain-fighting power to make your whites whiter and your brights brighter. It won’t make you look 10 years younger or give you six-pack abs. It won’t keep your boat with the screen door bottom from sinking. Still, James “Trapper” Landon’s recent invention has been deemed an overwhelming
  • Arnold Fire and Emergency Services team members recognized

    : Rich Tighe, left, general manager for the AEDC Test Operations and Sustainment contract, recognizes Arnold Air Force Base Fire and Emergency Services team members March 8 for their response to a recent sandblasting incident when a TOS team member sustained an injury. Tighe presented certificates thanking the team for their “responsiveness and
  • Facility Support Services employees recognized for years of service

    Managers present their employees with certificates recognizing them for their years of service to Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee at an event March 22 at the Arnold AFB Fire and Emergency Services building. Pictured from left is Matt Russell, Facility Support Services Safety, Health and Environmental manager; Steve Arnold, Ground Water Spill
  • Officials warn about impact of distracted driving at Arnold AFB

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and members of the Arnold Engineering Development Complex Security and Safety offices are asking drivers to pay attention and stay focused when behind the wheel.AEDC Chief of Integrated Defense Keith Davis says there are a number of ways officers can assess driving and pull someone over for suspected
  • Capt. Jonathon Dias – Air Force profile

    This release is part of a series of profiles highlighting the contributions of our military and Department of Defense personnel at Arnold Air Force Base.According to Capt. Jonathon Dias, being a test manager for the Aeropropulsion Combined Test Force at Arnold Air Force Base means wearing “a couple different hats.”“As test manager, I’m the